Privacy Policy

Vertika Privacy Policy - Last Updated January 2016

  • VERTIKA: Vertika is a subscription-based service. It is intended for business use only. To use Vertika, our customers sign an agreement with us.
  • CUSTOMERS: Information customers share with us to register their Vertika users is used to generate login credentials. The credentials generation is done either by customers’ Vertika Administrator or by Vertika’s Support team. This process is covered under our customers’ agreement with Vertika. All information shared in this process between customers and Vertika is confidential and for Vertika internal use only. We do not share this information with any Third Party.
  • SALES: Information that prospects , or other inquirers, share with Vertika through use of the Contact Us page, is used by Vertika’s Sales or Support teams to contact them, and to answer their inquiries. We do not store this information. We do not use this information to create email lists, or give it to any Third Party.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Where Vertika uses social media APIs to get any information from such sources, this is done for public accounts only, for our customers’ use, and wherever required, pre-approved for intended use, in full compliance with published API policies of the social media companies.
  • ABOUT THIS POLICY: Our Privacy Policy is in effect from January 2015. Any material change to the Privacy Policy will be sent to the Customer’s Vertika Administrator via email. Any changes to policies applied to data from Contact Us page will be published on this page and will take effect from the policy-changed date.
  • COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about our Privacy Policies, or have any suggestions, please use the Contact Us page to send us your inquiry or views - we will respond quickly.


Vertika Management Team.