Hello from Vertika!

We are always looking for good women and men – with great functional and core business skills, and a right fit, to help us grow even more.

Life at Vertika

We place very high emphasis on Action, Openness, Diversity and Equity, Continuous Improvement, Compassion, and Humility. We use these values every day to create a culture that enables our teams to help drive our business forward by serving our customers' needs through awesome products and next-level service -- all the while making sure that our teams are growing professionally, and having fun.

Working at Vertika

We take our staff’s professional growth very seriously.  To succeed at Vertika, doing a good job is simply par for the course, and we appreciate staff that tries to beat the expectations.  In addition to functional skills, we put high emphasis on your business skills -- ability to prioritize tasks, to communicate, to think critically, to learn and improve daily, set and meet deadlines, be service-oriented, and to come to work on time. Our Code of Conduct and regular training sessions on business and functional topics are key to our success.

If you feel you have the right skills and fit for Vertika, positions open or not, send in your resume for consideration to hr@vertika.tv (we will contact you if we feel your profile helps us propel.)

And do check us out on Social Media to get a better feel of who we are. FB, Insta, LinkedIn


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