Our Business

Vertika is a communication technology company. We make products that help companies deliver marketing, information, and education to their customers and staff through large and small screens.

Our Customers

Vertika clients include large, mid-size and small companies, and come from a diverse industry-set, including Banking, Education, Healthcare, Media, Travel & Leisure, Real Estate, and Retail. Since marketing has moved from paper to screens, our customer use our products in their stores and branches to provide information and to educate their customers. Our customers also use these products to inform, train and engage their employees. Vertika products give our customers innovation, speed, flexibility, and scale in their business communication, while saving on costs. 

Our Products

Vertika’s Technology product line includes:

1. Vertika Display - for displaying multimedia content

2. Vertika Interactive - for interactive content

3. Vertika Sound -- for music and voice content

Our technology services are delivered through our proprietary Vertika VMX technology – an enterprise-class platform designed for scale, ease, flexibility and speed. Vertika VMX is available in Cloud, Data Center and Hybrid hosting models. 

In additional to the VMX technology line of products, Vertika offers Content Services for marketing communication and eLearning.

Finally, Vertika provides Hardware procurement, installation and maintenance (Screens, Media Players services), as well as Design services comprising graphics and animations.

Our Team Locations

Vertika is led by a management team with global experience in media and publishing, marketing and PR, branding, design, and consumer technologies. Our company headquarters is located in Hong Kong with offices in various countries in Asia, Europe and the US. 

Our Culture

Our values embracing Good for humanity, Truth, Fairness, Continuous Learning and Growth, Action, and Extreme Service are key to professional success at Vertika. Our Purpose revolves around making business lives easy. And our Mission is to continue making communication products that make our customers compete better in an increasingly complex business world.